19 October, 2015

Getting around on trains is good exercise

This is a screen shot from my phone this evening. I'm clearly not a big walker or runner but this app on my phone doesn't record bike riding, nor does it record the many times I go up and down stairs at home without my phone in my hand or pocket. 
However this has recorded how much walking I did doing my job today. I attended an all-day OMF members meeting on the other side of town. All I did was go there and back, nothing else (I did mostly take the stairs rather than the lift or escalator). You can see how active life in Tokyo can be just by traveling around on trains. 

Some people ask us when we're in Australia how come you have maintained a good weight? (I still fit into my wedding gown.*) Part of the reason is careful eating but a lot is the lifestyle here. Life is more active and the food we eat generally healthier. We gained weight in Australia because we indulged in the many yummy things there we don't get here. Also most of our meetings involved food and or coffee! Restaurant portion size is also probably an issue but the truth is we don't eat out much, here or there.

Overall, living in Japan seems to be good for us, however. I think we'd have to work a lot harder in Australia to maintain our weight.

*Disclaimer: I am by no means skinny, never have been.

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