15 October, 2015

Fried Rice in a Slow Cooker

Again I posted a food photo on Facebook and a friend requested the recipe.

Quantities are flexible in this recipe, so I won't write them in, find what works for you, the biggest variable is how much rice you need for a meal.

butter or oil
stock cubes/consome cubes
diced onion
chopped bacon
slightly beaten eggs

Whatever other veggies you like, I often used frozen mix (corn, peas and carrot), broccoli, capsicum, beans etc. Cook all these before you add them.

Measure the rice into the frypan and fry with a little oil/butter (I used 60mL for four rice-cooker cups of rice tonight), stirring quickly until brown. Then place in rice cooker with appropriate amount of water plus stock cubes or console cubes and cook as usual.

While the rice is cooking cook the veggies (as above); bacon and onion; and eggs (separately). Slice the dry fried eggs into thin strips or squares. Add all to the rice cooker towards the end of the cooking cycle and mix.


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MOM2_4 said...

Thanks, I will try this :)