11 October, 2015

More bike photos

Bikes are such a part of our lives here in Japan. Here are a few bike photos I've taken in the last month.
We rode a lot in Australia, but it wasn't
as comfortable as riding in Japan.
I've finally figured it out: we have springs.
I'm bringing back a lot of groceries from the shops these
days, we modified this 100 yen net to have more hooks.
These bikes with two child seats, are illegal, but very common. This lady
could carry three, though, with one on her back as well!
I brought this load from the shops today.
A plastic drawer, an umbrella, plus a few other smaller items.

I loved the way the man who sold this to me packaged it up, he
added a handle so I could carry it.
The umbrella was just hooked off the handlebars.
This was where I parked one day when stopping
at the "drug" store. The shop faces straight onto
the road, no footpath/pavement/sidewalk. No
bike park either, so you just park out the
front and walk one metre into the shop.

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