25 October, 2015

Cute Japan

Have you ever seen a 9cm casserole dish? Even when I lived on my own I never had a hankering after one this small. 

Japan seems to specialise in small and cute. It isn't really a surprise to find such a small piece of kitchen equipment. I can easily buy many kinds of tiny things, from cake tins to coffee filters to bowls and strainers (see some here). A few elements within Japan feeds into this, including:
  • tiny kitchens—hence no room to store large things
  • a limited baking tradition—many people have no oven
  • a high percentage of one and two person households
  • bonsai tradition
But this website is pushing the small a little to the extreme.

P.S. I'm still recovering from the five-day Thrift Shop marathon. Probably tomorrow I'll be able to come up with something more of a blog-post. (I'm snapping photos to show you some of the bargains we found at the giant school garage sale.)

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