10 October, 2015

Living with disability in Japan

Access in Japan, like many countries, is a developing
thing. In the podcast people who are wheelchair
and crutches dependent tell us how they experience it in Japan,
and their conclusion is pretty positive on this point for Japan
and people with disabilities.
A few weeks ago I stumbled on a fascinating BBC podcast. I'm usually too impatient to listen to long podcasts*, but I enjoyed this one. It brought together my experience in Japan with my interest in disability (I trained as an Occupational Therapist). 

I love to hear other people's perspectives and this articulate, honest discussion between three foreigners in Japan and a British host is insightful. 

All the guests have cerebral palsy and talk about access in Japan, mental illness, aging Japan, and discrimination, just for starters. One of the foreigners I know as he originally came to Japan as an OMF missionary, though he is no longer working with our mission. 

*54 minutes long

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