15 September, 2015

What do you enjoy?

Today I give you my responses to a writing prompt I saw recently on Velvet Ashes, an online community of women serving overseas, in their The Grove, a weekly place to connect (but don't ask me which post particularly I found it):

1. What time of day do you enjoy?
I really enjoy baking, but only for a couple of
hours at a time.
I enjoy evening these days, after the work of the day is done and I can relax, often with my husband and often with a DVD of a TV series episode. I also love the end of the evening, which is reading myself to sleep. Ah, the luxury of a good book in bed!
2. Where do you enjoy being alone?
In my bedroom, but also when I'm shopping.
3. What do you enjoy doing with people?
Meeting for coffee one-on-one with good friends is one of my favourite things to do.
4. Which would you enjoy more: listening to music or listening to podcasts?
Depends on the music and podcast. But generally I'm bad at both, unless I have something else to do at the same time I get fidgety and have trouble paying attention. I love going to instrumental concerts, especially one that has lots of action on stage (like an orchestra or band). I tend to be bored by choral performances.
Enthusiasm for the food I make for my family
 is one of my favourite moments.
5. What do you enjoy that might surprise people?
Watching wrestling :D
6. What do you enjoy about the culture you live in?
Efficiency, generally speaking. For example, public transport. Politeness and great customer service.
7. What do you enjoy about your family?
I love their energy and sense of humour (most of the time). Boys can be so fun. I love having them enthuse over my cooking/baking.
8. What do you enjoy eating or drinking in the summer?
Stone fruit, watermelon, Japanese corn on the cob, iced coffee.
9. What do you enjoy about this season of life you’re in?
My own increased independence from the physical dependency of children. But also watching them discover their own passions and growth in independence.
10. What do you enjoy doing for others?
Befriending, hosting, welcoming new folk, networking, baking, just in general helping.

I won't "tag" anyone, but if you'd like to answer these questions for yourself in comments below, or on your own blog (and let us know that you have) that would be fantastic.

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