29 September, 2015

Going coconuts

One of the big adjustments I find always in coming back to Japan is what I can and can't buy. It's generally not the big things that generally drive me nutty, it's little things, like coconut.

Yes, I can buy coconut in my local store, but it costs just over AU$100 per kilo!

I also find meat a bit frustrating. My choices are different and more limited here. As is bread.

Oh, I miss Australian chocolates and other lollies* too.

Mind you a limit on yummy bread and sweets is probably good for my waistline. The rolls in Australia were hard to resist, but keeping the kilos off is far easier here in Japan. I've dropped back to my pre-home assignment weight without much effort at all.

Coconut frustrates me because so many of my biscuit, slice, and dessert recipes have coconut in them. Thankfully I know someone who knows where to get it, for a lot less than this! I put my order in today.

* Sorry to my non-British-English readers. Today I've slipped into Aussie-speak. "Lollies" many of you call "candy", biscuits are of course "cookies" in the US, and I haven't discovered a term that really covers "slice" but it probably could be called a "bar". A slice is cooked in one baking dish and cut up after baking, like brownies.


Caroline said...

I think in the UK they call a slice a "traybake"

Wendy said...

I've never heard that before Caroline. Thanks!