30 September, 2015

City Transport Profiles

It is normal here for shops to have bike parking.
This is a local department store.
I came across and interesting survey of transport in various large cities around the world (published last year). You can see the reported stats here.

It highlights how daily life in big cities is a vastly different experience depending on which city you live in. Just by looking at transport usage alone you see one element of difference (of course there are many others).

Tokyo (inner city part of Tokyo. This is not where we live, though I don't think it would be vastly different, perhaps more private transport?)

Pop: 9.1million
Area: 623km square
48% rail
23% walk 
14% cycle
12% private transport
3% bus


Pop: 4.8 million
Area: 12,368km square

6% rail
18% walk
Our local train crossing. With so many trains, there are lots of these to
negotiate if you drive (or even cycle).
?% cycle
68% private transport
6% bus
4% others (?ferry/cycle)

The only two other cities in the report with over 50% private transport: Chicago and Toronto.

Public transport is big in Bogota (53%), Guangzhou (49%), Hong Kong (81%), Mumbai (52%), Prague (43%), Seoul (65%), and Singapore (50%).

Cycling and walking are big in many cities, but not in North America or Australia, no surprise there. Cities in those places are often spread out. Central New York is obviously the exception.

It seems that people in Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijin, Guangzhou, and Seoul don't walk! 

No cycling recorded in Guangzhou, Sydney, Hong Kong, New York, Seoul, or Singapore. Some other places had 1% recorded for cycling.

Fascinating. I could fool around with these stats for ages, but other work beckons!

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