08 September, 2015

Post-hospital update

Outside the hospital. The grounds have many trees.
We're back home from hospital now. We waited until after 2pm for a release yesterday. It was very good to have everyone back home last night. But we're tired. I nearly fell asleep just after 7pm last night. 

Our son had trouble getting up and getting going to school this morning. I understand his post-hospital blues. But hopefully once he gets back with his friends at school he'll feel a whole lot better.
Out the front of the hospital. Our son was in rooms
on the fourth floor that are visible here.

Now I'm trawling through tonnes of email trying to get a sense of what's urgent and what I can do to get things back on track again. An appalling number of things got abandoned while I sat playing games in hospital over the last five days. The challenge now is to look after myself as well as get back to work.

Currently three of us are on medication. 

Our youngest still has antibiotics and will go back for an outpatient check on Friday. Our eldest went to the doctor on Saturday with a persistent cough and has meds for that. 

I'm still struggling with an uncomfortable throat and we're not sure of the cause yet. I go back today to the ENT to see what the next step is.

Thankfully our middle son and David are both healthy!

I'm so thankful for so many expressions of concern and people's prayers. Please continue to remember us as we recover from all this.
Plenty of free bike parking. The hospital was only
about four kilometres from our house so we tried
to ride whenever we could (cheaper than the car park).

Coffee machine that I enjoyed. You could also buy
flavoured milk, corn soup, hot chocolate and other
tasty drinks here.

I used the stairs instead of the elevators,
so got a good deal of exercise. Yesterday,
even though it was raining so I drove
instead of riding, I got some exercise: I did
16 flights of stairs, apparently.

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