19 September, 2015

Ageing Japan

The problem of Japan's ageing and shrinking population is a hot topic in Japan. This CBN video (and article) is one of the English-language reports I've seen on the topic.* 

Here's a statistic for you: Japan's population has shrunk by one million in the last seven years! 25% of the population is now over 65 years of age. This is compounded by many Japanese people choosing not to be in relationships or have children.

What interests me even more about this is that at about 4 minutes in to the video our church and pastor here are featured (video footage of church as well as short segments of interviews with our pastor and one elderly couple in the congregation). 

I'm just starting to work on the next issue of the Japan Harvest magazine and our theme is "Silver Society". Looking at ministry with the older members of Japanese society. I'm looking forward to reading about what people are doing out there to reach that 25% of the nation.

*It's seven minutes long.

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