02 September, 2015

Teen suicide problem in Japan

Japan is not like this swollen river (photo taken after heavy
rain a couple of years ago). Japan often looks smooth and
beautiful on the surface, but underneath there are bad,
dangerous currents. Bullying, particularly, seems to be
way too common in schools and sporting teams (and not
just by their peers).
Yesterday I came across the horrible statistic: September 1 is the worst day of the year for teen suicides. It is the day that school starts again after the summer holiday. 

Japan's overall suicide rate it high, it is the ninth highest in the world, Australia is 44th (see here). 

I hate writing and speaking about suicide, but it is a big hidden problem that needs to be known, written and spoken about.

Here are two articles about the teen suicide problem in Japan:
This is a BBC article.
This is a CNN article and video.

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