13 September, 2015

Slightly random photos from our week

You may have read about my unexpected week on Friday. As you know from your own life, there's always multiple layers of things happening in any life. Today I offer some photographs of other things I've encountered on my week. 

A couple of weeks ago I made Peach Sorbet in our ice cream maker. We've been gradually making our way through it. Pity that only one of the three boys like it. Actually, no pity, we've had it almost all to ourselves. Mmmm. Very yummy! 

The medicine our son was discharged with was powered. This is a typical way to deliver medicine, especially for children. However the taste was awful, he couldn't do it and we were facing a three-times-a-day battle (one of which was easy for him to avoid: the school nurse for the lunch-time dose). I found some empty capsule cases at a local drug store and that solved the problem...except that each dose filled 12-13 cases! And took several minutes to do.

I can't be thankful that he got a second lot of infection, but one thing it did solve was this medication problem. It turned out that the bug was resistant to these antibiotics and so when faced with different medication, I was clear that we wanted tablets or capsules, not powder.

I mentioned my visit to the doctor on Tuesday. I didn't tell you that it was a very wet day (as was most of the week). This doctor doesn't have a car park, but it isn't too far from our house or a local shopping area. So I donned my rain pants and jacket and rode over, put my name on their waiting list of patients to be seen, and did some shopping. 

I stopped at a convenience store and bought some coffee. There wasn't a convenient coffee shop where I could pass the time, nor did the convenience store have seats inside or out. So I stood outside the shop and consumed my coffee (it being on the rude side to walk and eat or drink in this country).

The next day was also rainy, the day I took our son back to the hospital because he'd developed an infection in his opposite ear. We've driven that route a number of times in the last two weeks and have noticed this car for sale. A one-seater ute! For a mere 220,000 yen (AU$2,570). Nice colour!

On Friday I took our middle son to the orthodontist to have his top braces fitted. The last two times we've taken the bus, but it's a simple route that takes about 30-40 minutes and I figured I could just as easily take the car, if I could find parking that wasn't too expensive. 

Yes, another medical/doctor's clinic with no parking. Actually that's more usual than unusual here. Generally you assume that there is no parking anywhere (that includes at people's houses) unless it's mentioned. And if you want to drive and it's not mentioned, you find out before you take your vehicle.

This is the little car park just up the road from the orthodontist. Actually one-block sized car parks are very common. Prices vary according to how close the the car parks are to high traffic area, like train stations and shops. This is reasonably priced: 100 yen for 20 minutes, or AU$3.50 an hour. When will cost the two of us $11.20 for the return trip by bus, I think I'll take the car. It's definitely more convenient and saves time (you leave when you want to and can't "miss the bus").

But this is by far the best photo. After the stress of getting out of hospital, then going back on Wednesday not knowing if our son would be admitted again, this anonymous present and note arrived at school that afternoon. It was a big surprise and such an encouragement. Also, very yummy.

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