23 September, 2015

At school all day

A slightly random photo of all my guys on an escalator on Monday.
Today is a crazy day. Called "Back to School" day it is a day where the parents go to school, meet teachers, find out about important stuff, and get exhausted. . . oh, I made the last up from my own experience of the day.
This is how I anticipate the day going:

7.40 David goes to school as usual
8.30 Boys #1 & #3 go to school (an hour earlier than usual on a Wednesday)
9.30 I go to school for the Middle school programme, leaving son #2 at home alone.
11.15 I go home again for lunch and touch base with son #2 before 
12.00 Son #2 goes to school and son #1 comes home. 
12.30 I go for the Elementary school programme.
2.00 I collect son #3 who finishes early and take him to childcare at school. Then go on an errand and then home for a short breather before:
3.30 I return to school for the High School Programme and Son #2 returns home. Son #1 goes to cross-country training at school.
4.50 I collect son #3 from child care and come home to collapse.
5.30ish Son #1 comes home.

What makes this look more complex is that we only live 300m walk from school, otherwise there would be a lot less to and fro from our house!

I think what I'm most dreading about the day is that there'll be lots of people to catch up with after a year away and lots of "So how was the year?" I might ask them back, "So how was the year?" and see how they go, that's a hard question to answer. It's a day when the introvert part of me cringes. There are also awkward encounters of people who know me, but I don't know them. Oh, and I have to do a tiny bit of public speaking.

I'll add more to this post after the day and let you know how it goes.

6pm update: The day turned out pretty similar to the above schedule, so that was good. I do feel a little washed out with information overload. It's hard not to let such days make you feel like a bad parent: there's no way I can keep track of everything my three boys are doing! I guess it's good for them I can't? They have to stand on their own two feet more than if there were just one of them. 

I also didn't have too many awkward exchanges, so that's something to be thankful for. My public speaking moment was very short, I hope it gave people the information they needed, but I figured they already had so much thrown at them that less was better.  

I'm glad we're having leftovers tonight. I'm too tired to cook. I can't see how families with two full-time working parents could manage home cooked meals every night. And glad my work is largely home-based so I can do that fairly easily most night. 

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