06 June, 2014

More goodbyes and tears

Interesting day so far today.

CAJ community
I started with a prayer meeting I have been attending regularly over the last four years and semi regularly over the last few months: the CAJ Friday morning community prayer meeting. It was a pleasure to gather with other parents (some of whom have become good friends) and pray for our students, teacher, and the school in general. 

I cried. It started when I shared briefly how many things we have to thank and praise God for over these last four years and how he's piling it on just now as we step out in faith to go to Australia for a year. I didn't have time to list any, but it was enough. 

Then I cried as people prayed for those going through transition and specifically for our family. I had trouble getting my words out as I prayed for all those saying goodbyes (pretty much everyone who knows anyone in the missionary community). And especially for the best friend of my youngest son whose mum sent me a message yesterday afternoon saying her son had been in tears because his friend was leaving. Ouch! She tempered the pain by reminding us both that the relationships we cry over saying farewells are not to be missed. They are the best friendships!
My coffee buddy, Sharon, and I enjoying a giggle at the OMF
conference in March.

Coffee shop rendezvous
After the prayer meeting I caught a couple of trains to a cafe I've heard about, but never visited. It is a ministry run by some Aussie friends of ours in TEAM (not SEND as I originally wrote). SonRise Cafe. I met another Aussie, a newish OMF missionary there for coffee. Great times getting to know one another, telling our stories, and enjoying the pleasant, quiet atmosphere (we were the only customers at the time).

Lunch "date" with my 15 y.o.
I finally got home after 1pm and walked through a heavy downpour to our house. So glad I wore my gum boots today. Yes it was cool enough. About 20 degrees Celsius today, after 35 last weekend!

My son was home, he's on exam schedule (actually "Culminating Assessment" schedule), which means he's only allowed to be at school when he has a class activity scheduled. He was home for lunch and we had an enjoyable time, just the two of us, chatting over lunch. I love his humour these days! One-on-ones are fun.

Tonight's "Commencement Exercises"
Yes, tonight we get to trespass on the sacred ground of American graduation ceremonies. They pull out some fabulous vocabulary. "Commencement Exercises" = "Graduation Ceremony". (See here for some other vocab. and first impressions of the event.)

The boys love to go for the food. There is quite a banquet put on (reception) after the event for everyone who attends. I'm not feeding us a lot for tea tonight.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking, and I've got work to do before the boys come home in just over an house. Bye!

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Jamie Matsuoka said...

Glad I got to be with you yesterday. I cried too!