13 June, 2014

Connecting up

As I type I'm listening to my husband talk to a Telstra employee via Skype. It is a little surreal, but also slightly disturbing.

Questions like: 

"Do you have a current account?"

"What's your current address?"
        "Do you mean our Australian address?"
"Ah, no, an Australian address?"
        "How about our address from four years ago, the last time we lived in Australia?"

"What's your driver's licence number?" 
        "Ah, hang on a minute while we find all our Australian cards."

"What's your mobile number?"
        "Don't have one."

"Could you give us someone else's mobile?"
        "Um, I have a number for my father-in-law, but I don't know if it is current. Can I give you his landline?"
"No, has to be a mobile. . . "
"Perhaps we'll just leave that one for now."

"Ah, no. Don't have that."
        "Religious worker, church worker?"
"Nope, closest I have is social worker?"
        "How about teacher?"

And so on. 

A slightly challenging conversation, but it achieved its goal and hopefully that will mean that we can have internet connectivity from the day we arrive in Brisbane.


Narelle McLennan said...

Hahahaha I hope your internet is connected when you arrive, but after my experiences with Telstra the last two times we moved.... If I were you I'd be praying!

Wendy said...

Last time it took several weeks, primarily because the new house we were living in was missing a couple of metres of cable connecting it with the road, it simply wasn't there. We have a dongle that will be our backup if it doesn't get there in time this time. Don't worry, this whole transition has been bathed in prayer for many months, including little details like services.

Sarah said...

Talking to Telstra always seems to be painful!