17 June, 2014

It was worth changing rooms

There's hope!
This wouldn't have happened six months ago.
Not to say that there's no conflict between
our kids, but it has significantly decreased
since we changed rooms around.

Earlier in the year I shared a little bit of the sibling conflict we'd had going on here.

We switched boys and furniture around so that different boys were sharing a room. It was a big job, so at the time I wondered if it would make a difference. I'm here to report that it did.

We've seen a significant decrease in conflict, an increase in joy, and greater flexibility in the one boy who'd been getting very rigid about which brother he'd play with or be near.

As I watched them play together on Sunday evening (see photo), I treasured this in my heart. As for how they ended up wearing almost identical clothing, that was merely a chance occurrence.

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