02 June, 2014

It doesn't matter what we're called

A couple of months back we read a good devotion in Our Daily Bread (March 15).
Here or there, we need to focus on others,
not ourselves.

It reminded us that title we hold us not important. Our role is to strengthen the faith of Gods people (see Eph 4:11-16). So, as we come back to Australia it isn't so important that we have the label "missionary" or "in full-time ministry", but that we keep our minds fixed on the overall role that we have as Christians. We can do that in Australia, we can do that here. 

We can also do it by letting Australians and Japanese people see how God has worked in and through our lives as we live as his servants. This is a good antidote to any pride that might rise up in us because of the title that our job comes with.
Lord, please use me as Your instrument to touch others' lives. Help me not to be concerned about what title I hold but instead that my life might show others Your grace (quote from ODB).

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