16 June, 2014

Feeling unsettled

Magazine handover
I've just handed over the magazine to someone else for the year (though the handover is complicated, because it really is to two people). It is a little nerve wracking to realise that that's done. I thought I'd be relieved, but I keep wondering if I've told her everything that needs to be told...thankfully I'm not falling off the face of the earth and can respond to questions via email with no problem.

World Occupational Therapy Conference
Tomorrow (as I wrote here) I'm going to the 16th World Congress of Occupational Therapists. 
"Oh my, I've got nothing to wear...."
Only kidding! But I do need to pack and figure out what bag I'm going to use for commuting (that can contain my computer for working on between sessions). 

I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing, never having gone to anything like this before. And feeling a little out of touch with the whole OT world. I've not worked full-time since before my eldest son was born. In the last four years I've seen seven clients for assessments. There's got to be a word for "less than part-time, but not non-working". That would be me!

Oh, and there's a bundle of trains to negotiate in a region where I've never been on my own before. That could so easily go wrong!

Plus all the other stuff
Everyone else is on a different schedule to usual this week too. Two boys wrestling 9-11 each day (summer day camp at school). One boy going to a five-day summer camp. Husband buzzing around doing whatever needs doing, at home and at school. 

Walls and bookshelves are gradually being stripped down and looking less like they belong to us. Boxes and suitcases are piling up. 

It's good and planned, but unsettling.

There's all those details still, like phones, changes of addresses, people emailing about more furniture they want to give us (we could set up a warehouse!).

Not to mention the OMF publishing project that is just not quite finished yet. Like after you've walked through a spider web, I'm still picking threads off my shirt. Just a few more and I'll be done and completely separated from the web . . . maybe before we leave in 13 days, maybe not.

So I tell myself: Breathe in, breathe out, and do the next thing that comes to hand!

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