14 June, 2014

Hemisphere switch = season switch

Some people here have twigged to the fact that we're switching hemispheres and therefore seasons. People have asked what sort of temperatures we're returning to. Here's a clue:

Not bad really? Cairns, where we'll stop for a few days rest before returning to Brisbane, will be warm enough to swim. No great shock coming from summer here. 

Brisbane won't get much cooler than this, except on the occasional day. It really is the perfect season. The season I long for at the end of every summer and winter here in Tokyo: a stable moderate season. But Tokyo always rushes through these moderate temperatures like a temperamental train. 

Best news of all: these next 12 months we get to skip both of Tokyo's extreme seasons, summer and winter. Yippee!


Hippomanic Jen said...

Ah, but are you going to Toowoomba? ;)

Wendy said...

Toowoomba isn't bad, not after living in Japan for 12 years! We'll visit there, but not sure when.