26 June, 2014

Entering the zone

We've spent a good part of the week sorting, cleaning, moving things around, and packing. By last night it felt as though we were close to being ready to go. 
All our personal stuff, excess winter clothing, books, toys,
bedding, half a bunk bed, medical stuff etc. piled neatly in this
bedroom. The large plastic drawers on the left
formed the base of our bed until yesterday.

Of course we've got a number of admin details to take care of (insurance cancelation, internet and phone cancellation, etc.) as well as those final details of moving that can't be taken care of earlier (washing the sheets and towels we're using, final vacuum etc.).

However, the furniture is in its final placement (we shifted the bedrooms around so that two single ladies can comfortably live here, as opposed to a couple with three boys). We're all living out of suitcases and David and I have completely moved out of our bedroom, we're sleeping in the lounge room.

Most of our goodbyes are over. The cupboard and fridge are almost empty of perishables. The dirtiest areas of the house are cleaned.
This was our bedroom until yesterday morning. Now transformed into a
single-person's room.

Yes, we're almost into the "between countries" zone. You may never have experienced this zone, it is an interesting vacuum of a place where life is relatively simple. I guess it equates to a situation where you are in-between jobs and houses in places that are vastly separated. 

The zone is a place where you have few responsibilities and your sphere of operation is fairly small. It is a place where our family spends a lot of time doing things together, as opposed to doing different things in different places. It is a place where time seems to almost stop for a bit.

It is a place of mixed emotions, of sadness at leaving, but anticipation at what is to come.

But also a place where you have dreams of missing the plane, have trouble going to sleep, and wake up early.

But it is also a place of simplicity. Our wardrobe is reduced to a suitcase. What's the next meal? Most of our things are packed and we don't have many responsibilities and nothing particularly on the schedule, so what should we do with our time?

Not quite there, because we still have a few things to do, but we're getting close. By the time we leave this house in a couple of days we'll be definitely in the zone.

It's easy to feel uncomfortable at the vacuum of this stage, but actually I've been looking forward to it. The irresponsible part of me just wanted to run away from my responsibilities at times in the last couple of months to get to this place.

While we're in the zone we're going to take some holidays. Although we'll have to put on our responsible hats for a little bit in order to acquire some phones (everyone, every agency, every one wants to know your phone number), in general we'll be zoning out next week! After that we'll have to face becoming responsible citizens again. 

But that can wait. For the moment, I'm enjoying being in the zone.

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Georgia said...

Thanks for defining this formerly nebulus place that I know and truly enjoyed the last time I was there.