04 May, 2014

What have you been doing?

Today I've allowed my mind to wander back over the various noteworthy "doings" in our household this week have included (starting from now and going backwards, just for fun).

I'm working on gradually cleaning out the larder/pantry. That includes baking today. Using up all our chocolate Chips with ChocChip biscuits, our sliced almonds and mixed fruit with a Vinegar Fruit Cake. And frozen cooked apple by making an apple cake. That is the plan, anyhow, we'll see how much of that I'll get done today and tomorrow—a day-off school for a public holiday. Our last non-weekend day off before school finishes in five weeks. 

This afternoon I've tried making frozen chocolate fudge yoghurt. Jury's still out till this evening, but it promises to be exceptional.

David opened the computer and dusted it internally (the fan had grown very noisy).

This morning we watched our friends' baby dedicated at church. 

After church our eldest hurried off to meet friends to complete some filming for an English assignment (they'd lost some footage they did at school). He's not home yet. I believe there'll be more than just work done this afternoon, and I'm glad for it. Friends are so important!

Last night I made soft tacos from scratch to use up some left-over mince for dinner. I love doing this, so simple (though a little time consuming), and so yummy. 

Yesterday afternoon our youngest went to a party for two female classmates. That meant we went shopping on Friday afternoon to buy presents. He continues to surprise me with how good a shopper he is. It was also another opportunity to help him learn about shopping to a budget. 

Yesterday morning I spent three hours at a preliminary handover meeting for the magazine. Doing something like this is always hard. I realised just how much I know, but isn't written down. Plus I realised how challenging it is to work with volunteers that you can't easily tie down to deadlines and timelines. However, taking this step was also encouraging because I realise how close we're getting to actually being free to go back to Australia! Not to mention being the realisation of many prayers as to how this could actually happen.

David's been investigating new microwave/convection ovens from some catalogues I gathered during the week. He pulled apart our dryer to discover why it has been leaking and discovering it need repair (will go with us to the electrical shop tomorrow when we look for a new microwave/oven). We've also been washing winter clothes and doonas (quilts) to put away. Sorting through old magazine piles and so on. Nothing massive, but gradual steps towards leaving, all the same. 


We went to the CAJ Parade of Bands concert on Friday night. We heard all four of the school's bands. Our middle son performed in the 5th Grade beginner band. Then sat through the other three. I don't think he's ever done that before. Plus, as a performer he  got to sit pretty close to the front, and he was captivated. Learning percussion and being part of a band this year has been a great experience for him. It's opened up another world of interest and belonging. He's spent this time today looking at my flute (amazing how all those "buttons" work) and playing around with a recorder that he rescued from being tossed at Thrift Shop last Saturday.

This week was the deadline for the summer issue of the magazine. So I've been busy, not just editing, but chasing up late submissions and other matters. I managed to write more than 60 emails on Thursday and Friday.

Original habitat
Escapee a couple of metres from
his home.
A side adventure has been the escapee turtle I found on Friday. He finally escaped from his habitat. But we've fixed that for now (see photo). Hopefully he'll be well behaved for the friends who will look after him for our year away. 

New security on turtle habitat. Lid
clicks on, so not easily removed
by said turtle
On Thursday I also sent the monthly prayer/newsletter that I wrote on Monday. Our computer caused some interesting reactions by sending it to emails not on the list anymore and not sending it to others. 

9th grade PE class
7th grade PE class
Wednesday morning I went along to the middle and high school chapel time. I've got to say it was a world away from the sorts of weekly chapel we had in the Lutheran Primary School I attended. A band led us in some quite loud singing. 

Then the guest speaker, JP,  spoke. He was the reason I was there. A street dancer who teaches Hip Hop dance, he's also a missionary with our organisation. It was the first time I'd seen him dance live. 

After chapel I went up to greet him and Sharon, another new missionary, who'd come across town with him. I discovered he'd been snapped up by the PE dept to teach a class. It was a wet miserable day and the PE teachers were delighted with the rare find of a chapel speaker who could also take PE. 

So I stuck around, giving them some moral support. Then he was asked to do a much larger class (first one was about a dozen, second was all grade seven, about 50 students). Sharon and I stayed in the background, trying to keep up with the class a bit (I was sore for days afterwards), as well as hitting play on the music when required. Sharon was also taking video and photos for JP. It was an unexpected morning, but very fun. 

However it thoroughly distracted me from the fact that I had an appointment in the afternoon with my language exchange partners. Thankfully they messaged me and I was only 40 minutes late!

On Tuesday afternoon I had coffee with the newly dubbed "shout" club. A couple of friends who I've had coffee with as a result of a single Facebook status about what "shouting someone" meant. It's been a fun adventure this year, feeling free-er to have coffee with friends and making new friends too!

On Monday I made our first batch of frozen vanilla yoghurt.

You don't really want to hear about the other things that have happened this week, like the bad attitudes we've been copping. 

Turns out writing backwards isn't so easy...but I hope it was interesting, nonetheless. It certainly helps me realise why I'm feeling tired.

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