28 May, 2014

Yearbook not a magazine

Yesterday Matsu arrived. Matsu is the name of CAJ's yearbook. The first time I saw one of these I was shocked at its amazing quality. It is like a coffee-table book!

A hard cover, glossy, full-colour professional production (I won't mention all the mistakes I found as I scanned through it last night). Quite a different affair to the School Magazines that I grew up with!
This was the first page our eldest son turned to.

This year they included baby photos
of some of the teachers. Can you guess
which is David?
The reason why they can produce such an amazing product is that it is a class that high schoolers can take! Yep, they work on it five days a week for a whole school year. What a great class to take!

I found this interesting. A survey of almost
200 student (probably high schoolers,
but the article doesn't say) about what
languages they speak. CAJ's quite a
multi-lingual environment, even though
the classrooms are "English only"!
We'll be bringing the last four year's Matsu home to help people get a feel for the school. So you might get a chance to take a peek yourself.
Here's another page. A double spread on the school's top high school volleyball team.

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