05 May, 2014

Photo Question #52

I found this on the shelf of a grocery store today. Anyone care to venture a guess as to what it might be used for? I'm curious! By the way "dokodemo" means "anywhere". 


Ken Rolph said...

This is a modern version of something used by ninjas throughout history. You will remember that Shintaro the Samurai's offsider was an Ega ninja called Tombei the mist. When he wanted to disappear he would spray his shirt with the misting solution. When it wore off he would be seen upside down in the corner of the roof space clinging like a spider.

This was long before CGI special effects, so all of the action was REAL by REAL ninjas. Ask any teenage Australia boy from the 1960s.

Wendy said...

Nice one Ken!

Jay Kay said...

H-uh, apparently it is a cooling mist you spray on your clothes for those hot summer days. I think it is supposed to achieve a basic evaporate cooling effect. They also mix in a mild fragrance to cover up any body odour that may have occurred from sweat.