25 May, 2014

Today's doings

This morning we showed up for our Skype interview with a supporting church in Brisbane, from our lounge room (while the boys ate breakfast in the next room). The interviewer was kind to us. It was great to see a good friend of the family (the pastor of the church) in the
TAA was the airline I first remember flying on, when
I was about 10. Today marks five weeks until we hop
on a plane back to Australia.
front row. He's known me since birth. Makes me a tiny bit homesick. 

Then we went off to our church here. One of the questions we'd been asked by our Australian supporters was the differences between a typical protestant Australian church and the Japanese church. I remembered something as I rode my bike to church this morning: our church doesn't have a car park. Most people come on foot, by bike, or train.

I realised towards the end of the church service that I was feeling more tired than usual. Must be something to do with it being only 10.5 days left of the school year, a while since we had a holiday, and the extra work we're doing for our upcoming move. 

Though really I think that for me the bigger burden is the emotional stress. No, I'm not crying readily. But, as you know if you've been dropping in here for a while, I'm doing overtime on thinking about the transition! It's this pre-moving time that I find the most stressful.

Thankfully this afternoon I've been able to rest. There's lots going on in the next 2 ½ weeks, I need my stamina. Still five weeks till our Cairns holiday.

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