01 May, 2014

Caged Animals Prohibited

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything today. I've spent a portion of my morning getting up to speed on the magazine I edit (I've had a "slow" month between deadlines but busy doing other things). A lot of it has been checking who didn't make our submission deadline yesterday and following up. I have to say I'm most encouraged by the person who wrote this before the deadline, admitting they were going to be late:
I know that respecting deadlines is important since it is part of respecting others' time.

I feel the respect! If only others would respect my time as much as she did.

So here's a photo of a sign with fun English from one of our local shops. I think the English got a little messed up. As far as I understand the Japanese it says "Bringing pets is prohibited."

Makes me feel like taking our turtle for a shop because he isn't in a cage...but it would be a bit awkward, because he's getting big!

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