21 May, 2014

Today's pet shock

Today's shock is that our turtle is moving out this afternoon! We knew he was moving out sometime, we organised for some friends to take him for the year, but we didn't know when they were going to pick him up. 

Tiny the Turtle, foiled a couple of weeks ago in an escape.
He's called Tiny because he was, when we got him
3 ½ yrs ago!

Life in Tokyo can be different because of the transport issue. Not many people drive to CAJ often, most travel to and from the school by train or bike or on foot. So in this case our turtle's new
family realised at lunch time that they would have their car at the school this afternoon, which is just down the road from our house, so it was a convenient time to pick up the turtle. 
Tiny's abode. The modified lid is a new addition after the
aforementioned escape bid.

He lives in a large plastic drawer that is too awkward to carry by train or bike. This is a common problem we work with as we move around this big metropolis. The other day I took some pavlova to my language exchange meeting. We meet at a Mos Burger fast food restaurant and I get there on the train (only two stops), so I needed to figure out how to transport it in a safe fashion. It was a fun challenge. I had to include plates and serving implements. I took the cream and chopped up fruit separately and assembled it at the table.

Bring and share events can have a slightly different hue because of how we get to them.

But back to today's shock. I hope the boys will be okay with this sudden change. I haven't had a chance to tell them, obviously. I don't think they're too attached to the turtle, he's not like a dog or cat that you cuddle. But still, it will be a blank spot just outside their bedrooms and a physical reminder that life is about to hold some even larger changes and challenges.

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