13 May, 2014

Accommodation decided

After much prayer, thought, and discussion, we've decided to take the house I wrote about last week. With the decision comes peace. 

Here are some photos.
The suburb is Bellbird Park, which is to the west of Brisbane
near Goodna, if you know the area.
But doesn't "Bellbird Park" just sound lovely?
Very nice looking kitchen.
Lots of outdoor undercover spaces.
It is on a ¼ acre block with an established garden. Way beyond
our expectations. This will be our "green therapy" after living
in Tokyo for the last four years with almost no yard.
Living room/lounge.


Anonymous said...

This looks wonderful Wendy. I can just imagine sitting outside in the green space, reading a book (my favourite pastime) with the boys playing around. Now you can visual your return home. Love reading about you and your time in Japan and how difficulties are the same, yet different , the world over. God Bless you,

Wendy said...

Thank you Anon!

Frances Tilly said...

It is a big decision but you seem to have chosen wisely. Peace in that decision is a good feeling.Praise God. I wonder if there will actually still be any Bellbirds in the area? Maybe!!
Safe packing and travelling. God Bless you all . Love Frances Tilly.