30 May, 2014

Enjoying the teens

We have celebrated another teenage birthday this week. Actually we're still celebrating it. The parties and presents will be spread out for several weeks (a couple are waiting in Australia for us).

The other day I stumbled on a great blog post about parenting a teen, that especially majors on the joys. It resonates with what I've experienced so far in this journey.

Here are some quotes from the post that I love:
Parenting teens is pretty much the best Mom gig yet. They are funny and smart and you see glimpses of their adult selves. They are beginning to funnel into their gifts and passions, and you feel the most absurd pride about who they are becoming right in front of your eyes.
And THE HUMOR. . . You haven’t laughed until you laugh with your teen over shared humor. 
Get super, super interested in what your children are interested in. Invest in their talents.
This last quote obviously validates my obsession with interest in wrestling. I totally agree with the first quote, I'm enjoying this stage more than any previous ones!


Sarah said...

It's so nice to hear some good things about parenting teens. I'm finding toddler tantrums a bit of a challenge at the moment, and it's bit discouraging hearing, "Teenagers are worse," all the time.

Wendy said...

Don't believe that myth Sarah. It's such a discouraging thing that people say and therefore convince themselves. Teens are nowhere near as constantly demanding as toddlers. The confrontations are more emotional, for sure, but there's a lot more pleasure. Granted some teens are awful, but that's not every teenager.

I think there's a certain amount of forgetfulness too. I can't clearly remember how challenging it was to have to supervise every moment of my boys awake time. But I can clearly remember the last confrontation I had with them. The immediate always seems worse :-)