27 August, 2012

"Just me" time

After a peaceful weekend with "just us" I am enjoying a day of "just me". In fact the start of a number of "just me" days. It is amazing how much you can get done when it is "just you". I can think again!

It's been more than 11 weeks since I've had one of these days and it really helps me learn to value my independence. I love:

  • the freedom and ability to plan my day (between 8.30 and 3.30) as I wish 
  • not to have to answer to anyone about where I'm going or for how long or why
  • not to have to explain anything to anyone about why I'm doing what I'm doing
  • not to have anyone hanging over my shoulder as I try to work on the computer
  • to be able to go to the gym when I want to, without having to consider how that impacts anyone else
  • to leave the house and know that no one will have a meltdown while I'm away
  • to be able to sit down and do something until it is finished without interruptions
  • to have peace and quiet all day long
  • to sit and eat lunch without having to talk to anyone, or adjudicate any fights, or make painful conversation, or...
I guess I have a pretty good job, don't you think? And I already have more energy. My energy-stealers are all at school!

So, after an absence of exactly two months I went back to the gym. I also was able to go gift shopping and make decisions (I couldn't do that last week when I took my mother-in-law shopping, something about having someone else with me made it very hard to think).

I'd liked to have done some more work on the magazine, but our prayer letter was begging for attention, so I'll have to leave the magazine to tomorrow. And guess what? Tomorrow, and in fact the rest of the week, are "just me" days! Yippeee.


taylorcrowson said...

That's a nice list of nice things... Not really seeing any of those around here for a while yet!

Wendy said...

Another friend said practically the same thing on my FB link to this post. You both are where I was for 10 years! I'm now enjoying being on the other end of littlies! But as they say, there's good things about every stage of our parenting (and bad things too), do your best to enjoy them where they are!

Karen said...

I'm trying to be patient while I wait to be able to do some of those things again :)

Glad to hear you're getting the chance to do some stuff by yourself. Enjoy.