08 August, 2012

Back in Japan again

Yesterday we left our beds at 5am in Brisbane and rolled into our beds here in Tokyo at about midnight. We spent most of the day travelling at 800+km/hr 12 km above the earth. We take flying for granted, but it truly is amazing.

I didn't really enjoy the trip, though. Physically, I had a dreadful headache that just built through the morning. This was complicated by turbulence at periodic points during the journey. Not too long after lunch I came very close to looking my lunch, but thankfully the turbulence settled down and so did my headache not too long after that ("arrow" prayers answered). I also couldn't get the right temperature. My feet and ankles were cold the whole journey, and I shrugged a jacket off and on throughout the day.

I wasn't the only one feeling unwell, our eldest son threw up while we taxied to the terminal in Seoul. Probably motion sickness compounded by too much screen time! Thankfully he took it in a mature fashion (not any whinging) and felt better immediately afterwards. He was eating again very quickly and had no further problems. The chief thing he learnt? "Airsick bags hold more than you think they can!"

We did have a smooth flight with the boys. They are so much easier to manage on aeroplanes these days, especially now that most planes seem to have individual screens as a standard feature. They can manage the meals mostly on their own and toilets totally independently. That makes a big difference. They also can carry a lot more, so we took a full quota of cabin baggage for the first time ever.

Our biggest stress yesterday was a quick transfer in Seoul. We made it in time, but we wondered all day whether our luggage would too! It was a relief while waiting to disembark in Tokyo and one boy saw our luggage removed from the hull out the window! That was 9pm. Then we had to drive home. David was a champion, weaving his way across Tokyo for 2 hours on expressways. I couldn't have done it. It took a can of Coke to keep me awake at all! I rarely drink caffeinated drinks these days, and never after 3pm, but one at 9.30pm last night helped me get home, but it didn't stop me falling asleep at 12.30am!

Emotionally, I struggled to leave Australia also. I didn't expect it, but it just felt too soon to be leaving. It was, in fact, the shortest stay I've ever had in Australia. When cruising over Tokyo lights last night before landing David asked, "Are you ready to be back in Japan?" "No!" was my answer.

But now I'm back in my own house it feels better. I can do this, I've been "doing this" for years now. Australia is a very comfortable place for me, but Japan is the place where we are supposed to be right now, so that is also comfortable, but in a slightly different way.

As for now, though, I'd better get back to unpacking my house. Our house sitters left the place immaculate. It is wonderful to have such a clean house (granted we did clean it pretty thoroughly before we left).

And I also have to pack for camping. Believe it or not we're going camping tomorrow for two nights! I don't know how we'll go. Maybe we're crazy, but consider this: once school gets started there isn't much let-up for nine months. The longest holiday is over Christmas when it is too cold to camp (for us). Therefore, we figure we might as well make hay while the sun shines.


Karen said...

Great to hear you've made it home safely. Hope the camping trip gives you a bit more winding down time :)

Sandy said...

Flying while sick is the worst! I was once sick in a plane from KunMing to Beijing and then to Shenyang. I burst into tears as soon as we landed and went straight to bed as soon as we got home! Hope you feel better soon.