22 August, 2012

My life is like a pressure cooker

Wow, now that I'm finished with my Uluru trip diary, I actually have to write here! I still have to tell you about few days after we returned the motor home, they were pretty cool too. But I can't just copy and paste that like I have been with the Uluru trip.

School starts again tomorrow (for the kids, many of the teachers have been working for over a week already). It's been 11 weeks since we farewelled school on this intense day. The time has gone quickly! Tomorrow I will have kids in Grades 2, 4, and 8! Wow.

Actually I can't wait. Things have gotten more and more intense around here, what with David working but his mother still visiting (till Saturday), the heat keeping us mostly indoors, and the boys getting more and more excited and difficult to manage. Not to mention that I'm behind on my Japan Harvest editing (due in part to being in Australia early in the month, and the other part, to having the boys home on holidays). I'm feeling more and more pressure. I'll be glad to have the boys back at school and have those quiet hours between 8.30 and 4 to get things done without interruption.

But I might have to play loud music in the first few days after they're gone to help me concentrate, because those first few days are very quiet. After 11 weeks of boys thundering down stairs and erupting in loud random noises, it isn't easy to adjust to the silence. See my post on last year's first day of school here.

One of the other reasons I'm feeling exhausted is the humid heat. We've had 35 degree Celsius days the last couple of days and last night it barely dropped below 30 degrees and humidity in the 70s has made it difficult to bare. David and I are still struggling with post-cold asthma and I don't think the humidity is making it any easier. Hopefully things will ease up soon.

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KarenKTeachCamb said...

Hope tomorrow goes smoothly and the hot weather eases off for you. I'm currently enjoying a tropical thunderstorm which has the added benefit of cooling the atmosphere by several degrees. Get well soon. I know what you mean about colds that hang around along with asthma - no fun at all.