16 August, 2012

Baking in Tokyo

Its hot and I think my brain is short-circuiting. I can do small things, but somehow the long list of articles that need editing for Japan Harvest are eluding me. The truth is that on top of the heat, and the boys still being on holidays and a visitor in the house (mother-in-law), I have a long list of "To Dos", editing being only one of them. And there seems to be many "easier" things to do than edit articles.

It is currently about 32 degrees Celsius with something like 60% humidity. It wasn't much cooler last night, about 29 degrees in our room all night. I woke up with little energy to start the day.

So now I'm sitting in a little damp blob at the computer hoping that some work will get done. Maybe soon I'll put the air con on in this room . . . question is, how long can I hold off? Air con is so expensive to run!

My mother-in-law is struggling with the feeling that Christmas is coming soon, so she's been in the kitchen baking a fruit cake and I've been playing Christmas carols, hoping to cheer us up! But truly, why do Australians bake at Christmas time? It is truly the opposite thing that you should be doing when the thermometer is so high!

Oh well, back to trying to concentrate on editing. I've now given in and the air con is on. We're hunkering down inside, just like we do in the middle of winter. Although I think I prefer winter, at least you can rug up and take the boys outside, in summer it is very difficult  when it doesn't even cool down after the sun goes down.

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