24 August, 2012

Guest post by my mother-in-law

Last year when we had visitors from Australia I asked them to write a guest blog post (see here from Evelyn and here from David). So now, as my mother-in-law's time with us draws to a close I asked her to write a little something too. Here are her impressions:

What can I say about my time in Japan with my family! 

A young grandma on the flying fox!
It has exceeded any expectations I might have had. To be able to actually have time with David, Wendy and their three boys and to share in their lives has been a tremendous experience. To me this has been the essence of my time here — what living in Japan is all about . . . sharing in people's daily lives. 

Now I have a wonderful vision of their home, their school, and most of all their walk with the Lord in whose presence I was able to be when I attended church with them all. Praise God indeed!

I would also mention my camping trip with them all — such a very close encounter, to enjoy the Japanese countryside, history and culture which is everywhere. Also the Adventure Trail, game of park golf, climbing step after step to visit waterfalls. 

Shall I mention shopping trips with Wendy, absolutely delightful. I have been so well looked after I am coming back!!

Well, after that rousing report, you'll all want to visit! Actually she's looked after us so well, you're definitely welcome back Mum! Next week we'll have to get back on the horse for various housekeeping matters like washing up, laundry, and vacuuming!

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