30 August, 2012

Hot, yummy, and not nice

11:01pm 30.5 C
Last night at 11pm I took this photo in my bedroom. The temperature reads 30.5 degrees Celsius! I went to sleep soon afterwards with only a fan and an ice pack to hug.

This has been a pretty standard temperature over the last weeks since we came back, give or take a coupe of degrees. In fact it is pretty standard night time temperature for the whole of a Tokyo summer — early July to sometime in September. I miss my childhood in Toowoomba, where even though the summer was way longer than Tokyo's and it got pretty hot during the day, it always cooled down at nights

We used to sleep in air conditioning in Tokyo, but it was expensive and last year when the ancient air conditioner in our room broke, we didn't replace it. I've learned to sleep at these temperatures. I wondered if I could, but I have. Although I'm not sure what quality my sleep is. I'm longing for at least mid-20s!

On Tuesday I tried a new recipe, Frozen Blueberry Yoghurt. I had high hopes in these high temperatures. But despite their delicious look, the texture was pretty awful. Grainy and full of icicles. Not the creamy I'd hoped for. I wonder if I'd used normal yoghurt rather than low fat whether it would have been better? I guess I have no option but to try again. I've bought some tinned mango, yes, summer, but no mangoes here :-( . So I'll try with a smoother fruit and see what happens.

On the other hand I also made some tomato sauce (US=ketchup) from fresh tomatoes and put it on some noodles for lunch today. Delicious! Oh my, it isn't going to last long!


-J said...

I've heard it described as the semi-tropical Tokyo summer. Gambatte!

Mrs Q said...

The icicles in your frozen yoghurt could be due to not using an ice-cream maker. The makers churn as they freeze which prevents icicle build up. Also, I notice that it looks super frozen. You could add some vanilla to it to prevent it from freezing so hard (or adjust your freezer). Adding alcohol to ice-cream prevents it from freezing rock hard too.

Wendy said...

I followed the recipe to the letter, which included stirring it twice during the freezing process to remove potential icicles! It is super frozen (surprised you can tell that from the photo). It was in our chest freezer. I might try some vanilla, plus creamer yoghurt next time. Thanks for the hints Mrs Q!