06 August, 2012

What to do the day before you fly?

Today is the last day before we leave to fly back to Japan after our 5 1/2 week "holiday". We've left ourselves a little bit of room at this end of our holiday to do the last minute bits and pieces that inevitably pop up.

So today we need to :-
  1. Finish sorting our luggage. Especially to make sure that the bags weigh the right amount. We've discovered that we cannot check-in more than five bags. Most times we've flown it has been along the lines of, "We don't mind how many bags you check-in, as long as the total weight is under 23kg per person." Therefore we're planning to make it up in carry-on luggage, of which we're allowed 2 pieces each and up to 12kg (a weight we've never approached before — managing young children as well as vast amounts of carry-on luggage has never appealed to us).
  2. Buy a few more items. Now our luggage is largely finalised, we find we can fit another couple of boxes of Weetbix (favourite Australian cereal) and some other bits and pieces, including yoghurt mix.
  3. Return the car. We're borrowing a car that we need to return to our friends. It's a five-seater, so there's no point asking someone to drive us to the airport tomorrow, so therefore we also need to:
  4. Book a taxi. A big one, and nice and early (before the sun gets up).
  5. Get some rest. But before we get some rest, we need to get the boys out of the house. They are enjoying our friend's toys (other people's toys are always much more fun than your own, even if they are 30 year-old toys).
Tonight's added bonus is a lamb roast dinner! Wow, what a way to farewell Australia for another couple of years.

Tomorrow we'll fly out of Brisbane at about 8.30. We'll stop over in Korea for an hour or so and then shoot across the straight to Tokyo. Once there we'll meet up with David's mum (who flew out this morning), call the company who's looked after our car for the last 5 1/2 weeks and they'll come and pick us up in our car! Then all we need to do is get home again. We should make it there by about midnight. At least the roads shouldn't be congested at that time.

Hence, I shall post another Uluru-travel post here this afternoon, but I probably won't be back online until Wednesday. And on Wednesday we'll be racing around getting settled as well as organising our last summer adventure — a short camping trip starting Thursday. Yes, we're crazy, but you can't accuse us of wasting our summer holiday!


Footprints Australia said...

Have a good trip back! Wow that 5 weeks has flown.

Sarah said...

I will remember to pray for you all as you head back to Japan.