15 June, 2010

Short legs

It's official. I have short legs! I went jeans shopping today at a shop that has many jeans and notably some jeans with "short leg length". But apparently that doesn't extend to "super short legs". Their definition of short is 78cm (30.7") inner leg seam. My legs measure up at just 71cm (28"). If you've met me you'll know that I am short, but not too abnormally so. I think I'm about 5'2" or 158cm. That is only about 5cm (2") shorter than the average Australian woman.

Delightfully my height is exactly average for Japan! I wish I could say the same for my circumference. Again, I am not large - my wardrobe contains mostly Australian sizes 10-12. But in Japan I'm shopping in the XL section. Petite Asian girl I am not - though my height matches, obviously my build does not.

But now I must stop shopping for clothes. I've had a wonderful year of shopping in Australian shopping centres. My wardrobe has had a serious overhaul. However now we're facing getting it all back to Japan. With only 100kg luggage allowance between the five of us (plus carry-ons) we're going to need to post some boxes. And that is not cheap. I think Australia Post charges something like $128 (10 000 yen or $US109) for 10kg.


Hippomanic Jen said...

After 15 days among petite asian women I must admit that I felt incredibly large and very conspicuous. I can't imagine living with it all the time. (Of course, Mum was on crutches, so it might have been her that everyone was looking at)

Wendy said...

Yes, we often feel conspicuous, especially when moving around with kids! You do get used to it and kind-of forget a little how foreign you are. I remember seeing a photo of myself with Japanese friends and marvelling at how white I was!

After our first four years there (during which we didn't leave the country) we came back and I found myself wondering why people weren't staring at me - then catching myself and thinking that if they did, something must be terribly wrong!

Liz Giovas said...

Isn't it funny....that 'regular' isn't that regular!!! :) i have the same problem but ALL pants (except country road ones...and the budget struggles with buying that!!) are way too short for me!!!!!!! :)

Wendy said...

Hmmm, and I know where your long legs come from Liz. Do you remember your Dad and I playing flute together?