02 June, 2010

Pirate Pizza

We had a fun and healthy dinner last night. I simply provided hot dog rolls cut in half and a variety of salad and potential pizza toppings. Everyone was on their own then, making their own version of pirate ships with various scenery additions eg. Lettuce waves, tomato treasure, capsicum star-fish. We hardly noticed that we were eating, so much fun were we having. When things got a bit slow while we waited for the grill, we played the Pirate Alphabet Game - where we had to think of something pirate-related for every letter of the alphabet.

A whole lot of fun. Much more fun than the Subterfuge Soup I made the night before that was also very healthy, but not much fun due to opposition from the younger set.

1 comment:

taylorcrowson said...

You make me laugh! I wish I could have been there... (even for the soup!)