03 June, 2010

Keep at it, Mums

This morning I read a post entitled The Importance of Listening to Mom. It's written by an Occupational Therapist who's seen some accidents that could have been avoided if the kids had just taken their mum's advice. I feel encouraged to keep warning those kids, particularly boys who reason "It's never happened to me therefore it won't!"


Caroline said...

I was interested in the articles she linked to about the dangers of drawstrings on clothes. I always felt like a hopeless mother because I could never keep drawstrings in my son's clothes when they were small, and sometimes I found them too fiddly and pulled them out anyway. Now I find that it was actually probably a good thing!

Wendy said...

Yep Caroline, you were onto a good thing!

BTW "she" is actually a rare "he" in the OT world!