20 June, 2010

The last...

We're into "the lasts" stage. When you say, "This is the last time we'll do such and such."

Today was our last official deputation meeting. Yay! It was a good one too. A potential new supporting church!

This week we have the last three days of school, the last (we hope) doctor's appointments here, the last week in this wonderful house and the last days of living out of a wardrobe rather than a suitcase - for a while, anyway.

But it is increasingly looking busy. This week, aside from packing, there is one final morning with my Occupational Therapy mentor. Medicals for all boys for their new school in Japan. An open day in the park next Saturday (for anyone who wants to see us "one last time"), parent-teacher-interviews and a school-based mini concert, art gallery and parade (all separate days). Then we move out next Monday. Phew! Praying for lots of strength. I'm particularly head-achy at present and it isn't much fun.

But soon it will be all over. We had news yesterday that it is possible that we could move into our house in Tokyo only two days after we arrive (possibly fridge-less, though). That is amazing and will minimise the time we spend 'home-less', hopefully speeding up our adjustment back into life in Japan.

Yours, in the midst of growing chaos...


Catherine said...

Sad! But good that you are stepping forwards on the journey. Great to hear that the house is working out in Tokyo!
I'll be praying for you this week!

Hippomanic Jen said...

Sad to hear about the lasts, but I hope they're all good lasts. All the best for the packing/moving/living out of suitcases phase and a speedy return to "normal" (whatever that ends up being).

Love the new layout, by the way.

Wendy said...

Yes - sad but good. It is a helpful step that moves us forward, as we must! We actually had a first today as well - the first violin concert our 7 y.o. ever played in. Lovely!

Jen, I got bored on Saturday and fiddled with the layout. I like it too!