25 June, 2010

Heaps of emotions?

There are heaps of emotions running around for all of us. To give some context on today, we've just had parent teacher interviews for all three boys for the first time ever. Also that was our final farewell to the school. This afternoon our 11 y.o. is having a final play date with his current best friend. As a 'make-up' treat we're taking his brothers to a park and for a special afternoon tea.

Here are just some of the emotions:

Surprised and relieved - at the teachers comments about our eldest. Very positive - probably the most positive parent teacher interview we've ever had in relation to our 11 y.o. It has been a long road to this point.
Happy -  that all three boys have had a great year and all three received great report cards and comments from teachers at the interviews.
Sad - that we're pulling away from such a good year at school. The boys are sad to be saying goodbye.
Ecstatic - this one is our 7 y.o. who was so excited to be going to school today to see his teacher one last time. Wednesday night and yesterday morning he was highly strung (which filtered through to his brothers). This made dealing with them an emotional experience.
Impatient - this is the boys, but increasingly us too. Impatient to be through all the goodbyes and packing and get on with settling in to the next chapter.
Excited - the boys are excited about this afternoon. But also the whole concept of leaving in 16 days.
Disappointed - this one is mostly me. I'm disappointed that there are some who we haven't seen this year for various reasons (some of which I don't want to dwell on). Tomorrow we have a picnic in the park for people to come and say goodbye, some we'd hope to see once more cannot make it. Disappointing.

Packing has become painful this week - only in that it has had to be painfully slow. A bit like picking bits off yesterday's roast chook. We've been very organised and allowed ourselves plenty of time, so there was no need to pack furiously - and if we had done the boys would be left with nothing to do these last few days before we move on Monday. Hence I have time to blog!

But now I'm off to bake some apple muffins - which will feed the family and get rid a little bit more of the stuff in our pantry.


Michelle said...

Hello! my first visit and you are leaving??!!
Enjoy your muffins.
HOpe the picnic and packing goes well.

Anonymous said...

See you tomorrow! (God willing and all.)

Wendy said...

Michelle welcome, thanks for visiting. We're leaving Australia to continue working in Japan, but this blog continues - it is too much fun!

Karen said...

I am very impressed with your organisational abilities to be able to pack and blog (and bake muffins as well!). Hope the packing continues to go smoothly, will be praying for you guys on Monday.

Wendy said...

Karen - my secret is that I do very little packing; that's David's job (by mutual preference and superior ability). We've learned a lot about moving internationally with our family after doing it a few times, though it is a skill I'd be very happy not to have! Great to see you today and catch up, who knows when we'll do that again!