26 June, 2010

What did you do today?

What did you do today? Well most days as a mum consist of a rather random collection of important and less important tasks. You might think that two days out from moving I'd be packing, but on the contrary here are fourteen of the (possibly) more interesting things I've done today (in no particular order):
  • Wrapped a Christmas present
  • Shopped for new shoe laces
  • Hung out in a park for five hours with various friends and supporters who turned up to say good-bye (see photo)
  • Hobbled (or will) together dinner from a few left-over sausages, pasta, a tin of spaghetti and some veges.
  • Said "see you later" to some long-term friends
  • Did sudoku in bed
  • Chatted with a missionary/teacher who works in Cambodia
  • Rooted around and found materials for the boys to make a sign so people could find us in the park
  • Added a long-time supporter to the email list for our prayer letter and one to our Kids letter too
  • Connected two of my friends with each other
  • Applied a Bandaid to a knee
  • Provided moral support to a husband and three rather unhelpful boys as they sought to deconstruct the swing set prior to moving
  • Answered a barrage of questions about Random Breath Tests after we were stopped by police on the way home from the park
  • Cuddled a baby girl
We've had a good day - the park time was relaxing and got us out of this increasingly empty shell of a house. We're getting to the business end of moving and are beginning to feel as though we're camping in our house instead of living here. It'll be good to get it all over with on Monday (moving day) and then life gets simpler for a while.

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