19 June, 2010

School newsletter encourages

This week this came home with our 5 y.o. in his class newsletter. I'm teary.
Goodbye to the Marshall Family
We're sad and excited to be saying goodbye to the Marshall family. J and his family will be returning to Japan over the school holidays. The children are excited that J gets to go home and tell people about Jesus but also sad at losing their friend. Please keep the family in your prayers as they get ready to go home. At prep we have talked about playing with J for the last few times and the children have been regularly praying for him and his family.
Obviously I've edited his name out.

We have our kids in a Christian school for a reason that is different to most. We thought that a Christian school might have more understanding of the in-and-out-again missionary lifestyle that we lead. We've been blessed by wonderful teachers. The teacher who wrote the above is beyond what we imagined - she is passionate about mission and so excited that our child has been in her class.

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