10 June, 2010

It's too bad

This morning as I did the school drop-off, I saw the mother of our 11 y.o.'s current best friend. This is only a recent friendship and obviously she's only  just discovered that we're returning to Japan soon. She said,
"That's too bad for my son."
I didn't really know how to reply, but inside I was screaming,
"How about my son? Not too good for him either!!!" 
English is her second language and she's pretty shy too, so I know that she wasn't meaning to sound as rude as she did, but still.


Caroline said...

Hi Wendy,

I've heard similar things (without the language excuse either). But do you think its actually meant to be complimentary, and humble? I mean, she's saying how much her son appreciates the friendship, but she wouldn't like to say that her son's friendship is good for your son. (not sure if I've explained that well, I'm a bit tired today).

Wendy said...

Yes, probably I over-reacted. Early in the morning, pre-coffee...but I kept my mouth shut, so she didn't hear my thoughts, thankfully.