19 March, 2014

Satisfaction in Finishing

This is the revised 1st edition, which came out
in 2009. The 2nd edition has totally new
content and I think it's going to look great!
So excited that the second edition of 31 Days of Prayer for Japan, the publishing project I've been working for OMF over the last eight months, is now at the design stage. We've finally handed all the content over and are awaiting to see what kind of magic the designer will do.

It's been a challenging project. All the content was written by missionaries on the field, who are experienced and knowledgeable about their topics. A lot of collaboration, consultation, and negotiation has gone into getting it all sorted. That adds up to a lot of emails, Skype, and phone calls. 

I've worked with Lorna, OMF Japan's personnel manager, we've had great coffee meetings putting this together! As we live more than an hour apart, it's taken some travel and creativity to get together when we did. It's been good to work with a partner in this, each of us brings our own strengths and expertise to the table and we spur one another on. Not to mention that we enjoy each other's company. Our families are similar, in that we only have boys, so we have plenty of common experiences to share. And yes, sometimes we had trouble staying on task!

This sort of project suits me very well. I work best when I have a lot of independence, yet, have a team to work with. Indeed in my Psychology assessment (part of the application to join OMF) back in 1998, the summary included, "To maintain her interest . . . Wendy needs to both work closely with others and be somewhat autonomous." Yep, I think they pretty much nailed me there.

But for this project, we're almost done. Such a satisfying feeling.

Hopefully we'll have the 32-page booklet in our hands before we leave in June. I can't wait. There is something very satisfying about being in the publishing field, in being able to actually hold something that I've had a large part in putting together.

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