08 March, 2014

Photo Essay of the Women's Retreat

Now I'm home I really want to write a summary of my days away, especially the last three days at the women's retreat, but I've been playing catch-up today (buying groceries, and catching up on important emails and computer work) and I'm out of time today. So here are some photos instead. I'll write tomorrow.

View from my room. The sunset was actually better than this,
but my little camera didn't quite capture all the colour.
A wider view from my room.
The 59 beautiful women who attended the retreat. So many friends here. It was
my seventh time at this retreat and each time I get to know more and more people.
Not to mention deepening relationships that I already have. Friendship is
 the greatest emotional need for women, and one of the most difficult thing
for a missionary woman to get and keep. So to say I value these ladies is
something of an understatement!
Our talented worship leaders. Heidi, on the violin,
also was my room mate.
Jan, a friend, and OMF colleague, was
the MC of the retreat, and leader of the
team that ran the retreat. So thankful for
her and her team.
We were blessed with nine German-speaking attendees.
Here they led us in How Great Thou Art in German.
Actually the event is quite international. Only three
Aussies, but a variety of European nationalities,
as well as US and Canada. 
I loved the decorations in the chapel.
"Called not Driven" was the theme.
Edie, trilling on the piano! She blessed us with
some beautiful music.
Across the road is this peaceful forest.
A small shrine in the forest.
I tried to take a selfie. Sort-of happy with it.
Where did all those crinkles come from, though?
This is the river that ripples its way past the retreat centre. I love getting
out of the city! Thankfully we're back at the same centre in a couple of
weeks with our OMF colleagues.

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