14 March, 2014

Sole Parenting Time

This morning my husband left for an eight-day school trip to Thailand. Every year the Senior class goes on a trip to another country (recently it has been Thailand). While they're there they help out a some needy people by constructing something they need, often for a school, and in the process learn a lot about
They're going almost all the way up to the
Thai-Myanmar border.

I've just looked at the post I wrote last year on the same day, and it says most of what I was going to write! Including my embarrassment at admitting that I find it hard, primarily because I have a number of friends who cope with their husbands doing frequent and long trips away.

However, I've got a couple of things to add to last year's post. Knowing myself, I've organised some things to take care of myself psychologically. 

  1. I've organised some coffee dates with friends, for some good adult conversation and perspective!
  2. I've also frozen some meals, so that I have little cooking to do in the last week at that crazy hour when boys are doing homework, showering, and ravenous too.
And I'm playing this song often:

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