12 March, 2014

Life goes on, ready or not!

Here's what life looks like for us this week:

  • The boys have various projects due, including some biggies. One on the human brain and another on deforestation. I'm trying not to get too involved in either of these. I tell myself, "You've already passed 5th and 9th grades, it's a part of them learning responsibility."
    This is a Cherry Blossom (sakura). No, they're not
    out yet, but other blooms are. Today's 16 degrees and
    it's starting to feel a lot like spring. Of course Friday
    is forecast to be rainy and 9 degrees, but that's
    spring in Japan!
  • The high schoolers have a Spring Banquet coming up. It's a girls and boys go in pairs, kind of formality. Our son, for the first time in his life, has asked a girl on a "date". He doesn't see it like that. She's just a mate who he hangs around with at lunch-time. But he did have to ask. New territory for us all!
  • David is going to Thailand on Friday morning with the seniors for eight nights. I can feel my anxiety rising, despite trying to remain calm!
  • Plugging away at home assignment preparation:
    • talking with the ladies who'll be living in our house (have I told you that yet?),
    • seeking a home for our turtle and car, 
    • fielding emails from Australia about setting up house there,
    • discussing when we can replace this computer: here or there,
    • and so on!
  • I'm working on the magazine, as usual. 
    • We're trying to get the spring issue out soon after the winter issue (which won't be out till the first week of April). 
    • Working out details with the person who's volunteered to do part of my job while we're in Australia.
  • I'm tidying up the 31 Days of Prayer for Japan project for OMF. Searching out photos, marketing etc.
  • This afternoon, I'm about to go to my third performance of Charlotte's Web. It is a CAJ tradition for the third grade class. This is the first year we've had our youngest in a grade where both his brothers have also been in that grade. I saw my eldest's class perform this play six years ago, somehow missed my middle son's class, it must have been a schedule clash.
Yes, life goes on and you either go with it, or you get dragged along behind. 

By the way, does anyone in Tokyo want a turtle for a year?

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