22 March, 2014

We survived and press onwards

One of the ways the Seniors (and staff) travelled home
from Thailand.
Just reporting back at the end of the Solo Parenting Week. David arrived home about an hour ago, after a long journey (they were travelling for more than 24 hours, via boat, elephant, bus, and plane). He's now snoozing upstairs.

But what I really want to say is that we survived. More than survived, we thrived.

My two strategies worked:
  1. I organised some coffee dates with friends, for some good adult conversation and perspective!
  2. I froze some meals, so that I had little cooking to do in the last week at that crazy hour when boys are doing homework, showering, and ravenous too.
Plus I had good tempered boys who were cooperative 95% of the time. 

This photo is from two years ago, but they did a similar
project this year. They laid most of the floor for a
kindergarten for a poor village in northern Thailand.
Only one child had to leave the room during one meal (and that was his choice, I didn't order him out, only suggested). That is huge. Meal times have been a high stress time in recent months. Closely followed by the after school–pre dinner period (homework, piano practise, showers).

I'm very thankful. God has given me a wonderful week with my boys. Wow, I've even enjoyed them most of the time.

Now it's Spring Break for CAJ. A one-week holiday, the last one we get before school finishes for the year in early June.

We only have two boys for the next two days, so life should be fairly peaceful. The third boy has gone to a Soccer Camp till Monday.

And then on Tuesday we all pack up and go to a four-day OMF conference.

In the midst of this I'm still working on two magazines. Hopefully I'll have everything done I need to get done before we go on Tuesday!

And life goes on...

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