18 March, 2014

Japan Photo Answer #49

Pretty much everyone got this right. The biggest question is: Where was it found?

In Japan most of the highways between cities are express tollways. To help drivers and passengers make the distance, they have rest stops along the way, where you can get off the highway without going through a tollgate. We love these. Some are large and have multiple shops, and almost always local souvenirs, others are much smaller. There is usually a cheap fast Japanese food option. The car parks are often enormous.

And there is always a large set of toilets. Only once have I seen the above display at the entrance, though. You guessed it: it is a diagram of the toilet arrangement, with lights indicating which are occupied and which are vacant. I wish I could tell you exactly where I found it, but I didn't record that and can't remember. I can tell you that we found it on the Chuo Expressway between Tokyo and Hokuto on our first November camping trip in 2011.

For those who are wondering, it is pretty normal these days to have a urinal for little boys in lady's toilets. I think it's a great idea for mums.


Georgia said...

There is a diaper changing table in the men's room at our church. Great idea for dads.

Ken Rolph said...

There is a trend in Australia (at least in Sydney) for large complexes to have men, women and children toilets. The last usually have tables and very lower toilet bowls. Adults are not expected to use these themselves. It solves the problem of taking a child of the opposite gender into an adult toilet block.

Wendy said...

Ken, it makes total sense with today's unsafe world. I've seen similar toilets in one shopping centre here we occasionally visit.

Wendy said...

Georgia, that also makes total sense. Dads are totally capable of a nappy change! At our church here the change table is in the disabled loo.