01 March, 2014

Answer Photo Quiz #48

It's time to give you the answer to this photo quiz.

Jason got it right: 
Looks like one of the machines outside restaurants, where you order and pay for your meal, then sit inside for your ticket to be called when it is ready.
Japanese fast food restaurants often use these machines. We see them frequently at service stops along the expressways. You make your choice, put your money in and press the button. You often have to take your ticket to the counter to submit your order. It means that those cooking the meal don't handle the money at all. 

But as someone else mentioned, it can be tricky because they aren't always easy to read, especially for foreigners. The five of us trying to read the choices and make decisions about our choices often hold up a line!

This machine was found outside a tiny restaurant near two railways stations. A place where people eat on the go. Most often the fare will be noodles in soup or some kind of topping on rice.

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Ken Rolph said...

Those bits in the middle have the same appearance as the packets of bicycle tyre repair kits I have in the garage.